Obama’s Enforcer In Egypt


U.S. Ambassador Anne W. Patterson tries to restore Morsi to power.

No Nuclear Option in the Senate


Filibuster deal lets radical left-wingers impose their agenda on Americans.

Progressive Arsonists on the March

APTOPIX Neighborhood Watch California Protests

The usual suspects exploit the Zimmerman verdict to fan the flames of racial discord.

A Leftist’s Harsh Words for the Unholy Alliance


A surprising denouncement of liberals’ embrace of Islamist human rights abusers.

Government-Approved Race Riots?


How an administration deployed community organizers to foment racial tensions after the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Brotherhood Backers Unleash Hell in Egypt


Morsi supporters won’t let go without a bloody fight.

Morsi’s Deadline


The Muslim Brotherhood strongman clings to power as his hopes of political survival crumble.

Sen. Jeff Sessions’ Heroic Stand Against Amnesty

large_Sessions made up mind

Conservative senator fights back against a legislative monstrosity.

A Victory for Election Integrity


A game-changing decision from the Supreme Court — but the Left prepares for revenge.

The Rosenberg Traitors: 60 Years Later


Why they got what they deserved.