Obama Prepares to Polarize

President Obama Addresses The Nation During State Of The Union Address

What to expect in the Radical-in-Chief’s State of the Union address.

FBI Foils Terror Attack on Congress


Bearded convert wanted to use pipe bombs and rifles to kill.

Hating Whitey’s Brunch


Black leftists terrorize white diners for having brunch.

House Conservatives Revolt


GOP contenders throw their hats in the ring as the battle for a new speaker intensifies.

Josh Williams: ‘Peaceful’ Protester Posterboy & Arsonist


Cornel West’s pal demonstrates what the Left really means by being “on fire for justice.”

Backlash Against de Blasio


Cop-basher surprised by police anger.

Senators Vow to Halt Obama’s Castro Odyssey

Barack Obama

But is Congress a match for the president’s pen and phone?

An Ominous Omnibus


The mammoth spending bill would fund amnesty and Obamacare — and could be voted on today.

Uncovering Obama’s IRS Enemies List


Thousands of pages of smoking gun documents remain in legal limbo.

Ferguson Lynch Mob Leaders Convene at the White House


Stoking the race riot flames.