What’s Next? Commie Action Figures?

Just in time for Christmas the extreme-left Nation magazine is offering figurines of two of its heroes for sale: Noam Chomsky and the late Communist historian Howard Zinn. The items are being offered as part of the Nation‘s online auction to raise money. They’re perfect gifts for your favorite sneering, out-of-touch limousine so-called liberal friends [...]

If You Oppose the Southern Poverty Law Center You Must Be a Hater

The paranoid conspiracy theorists of the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center have struck again. Now they’re labeling  social conservative organizations as ”hate groups.” It’s nonsense of course, but it’s the way the SPLC does business. For example, the Center is attacking the National Organization for Marriage as a hate group because it opposes same sex marriage. As [...]

TSA Groping For ObamaCare

Recently I tweeted, half joking, that TSA pat downs are a kind of proto-ObamaCare. But I realized later it’s no joke. How the TSA treats its customers will soon enough be how doctors treat their patients. This is what government medicine is all about. Doctors are turned into uncaring bureaucrats because the incentives built into the [...]

Just In Time For Thanksgiving: ACORN Racks Up 15th Voter Fraud Conviction This Year

Former Milwaukee ACORN employee Kevin L. Clancy (pictured above) was convicted of election fraud a few days ago. Clancy’s conviction brings the total number of convictions for former ACORN workers to at least fifteen so far in 2010. Clancy entered a guilty plea to playing a part “in a scheme to submit fraudulent voter registration applications,” said Wisconsin Attorney [...]

Is George Soros Realizing That Obama’s Failing Him?

Democracy Alliance, the George Soros-led billionaires’ club that wants to transform America into a European-style socialist leviathan, had a post-election meeting a few days ago, according to the Huffington Post. At a private meeting on Tuesday afternoon, George Soros, a longtime supporter of progressive causes, voiced blunt criticism of the Obama administration, going so far as [...]

Nicholas Von Hoffman Lies for Alinsky

Retired radical agitator and journalist Nicholas von Hoffman is doing what he can to help rehabilitate the image of the late Saul Alinsky. Von Hoffman portrays his former employer as some kind of a moderate, maybe even a libertarian. “Although Alinsky is described as some kind of liberal left-winger in actuality big government worried him,” [...]

ACORN Vote Fraudster Avoids Prison With Plea Bargain

ACORN senior official Amy Adele Busefink opted for a plea bargain in Nevada in the hope of avoiding a jail term for her participation in a voter fraud-related conspiracy. The phrase “voter fraud,” sometimes referred to as electoral fraud, encompasses a variety of election-related crimes. In this case, Busefink made an “Alford plea” which is about the same as a “no [...]

Meet the New Bill Ayers? Cartoonist Ted Rall Calls for Violent Revolution

Cartoonist and communist sympathizer Ted Rall hates America, even though he denies it. He hates everything that America stands for. So it probably shouldn’t be that surprising that he appeared on MSNBC advocating the violent overthrow of the United States government. Lest you think I’m somehow twisting Rall’s words, a press release from his publisher, Seven Stories [...]

In Praise of Media Matters … Um, What?

I love pro-terrorism documentary-funding George Soros‘s Media Matters for America! Really, I do. After a hard day at work all I have to do is visit the group’s website and catch up on the latest cool conservative news. That’s because Media Matters loves to post videos of conservatives saying things so-called liberals and other radicals [...]

Americans, You’re Sooooo Stupid, Say MoveOn And President Obama

The radicals at MoveOn.org, think you, the American people, are stupid. What is wrong with you? You just don’t get it! Why can’t you understand that our assault on America and its institutions is for your own good? Aaaaargh!!! Well, the folks at MoveOn didn’t actually say the last four sentences but they might as [...]