Soros-Funded Alinsky Smear Machine Invades Congress


“It’s emotional connection, not rational connection that we need,” says radical activist, Maya Wiley.

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Soros Opens the Spigot


America-hating billionaire and friends plan to spend $100M to help Democrats.

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Romney Heckler a Paid Soros Operative


When nothing else works cry “racist!” over and over and over again.

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May Day Terror Begins


Bank workers first to come into the crosshairs.

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May Day Mayhem on Its Way


Van Jones, MoveOn, ACORN, gear up to transform America through violent protest.

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Jihadist Junket


The disturbing rhetoric and radical associations of the pro-Occupy Wall Street professors who sojourned to Tehran.

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Community Organizers Mobilize to Save ObamaCare


Obama administration enlists one of America’s leading economic terrorist groups.

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The Left’s Spring Offensive


The Soros machine gears up to train the next wave of economic terrorists.

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George Zimmerman Arrested, Charged


The state’s case being helped by Eric Holder, who praises racial arsonist Al Sharpton as a hero.

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Santa Monica Students Say Pepper Spraying a PR Victory


Police provocation is a key element in the radical playbook.

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