Angry That Radical Astroturf Rally Was A Flop, Leftist Thug Assaults Conservative Reporter

With few exceptions, all political violence in the U.S. today comes from the Left, whether it’s SEIU thugs, a crazed gunman at the Holocaust Museum, a pilot flying his plane into an IRS office, ACORN, or eco-terrorists. The Right, while sometimes loud and a bit rowdy, is almost always peaceful when participating in the political process. [...]

Greens Go NSFW: Support Global Warming Alarmism Or DIE!!!

Incredible. You’re about to watch the most disgusting environmentalist TV ad ever conceived. (Please don’t watch it if you can’t handle gore!) It was produced by a group called 10:10. The (unintended) takeaway from the ad is if you don’t believe in the global warming hoax then you, my friend, deserve to die a brutal [...]

Liberal Director Courageously Takes on Big Education

A new documentary called Waiting for ‘Superman takes on the nation’s teachers’ unions who refuse to give even a little in order to improve public education. According to John Nolte the film is so moving it might “help to restore a little of your faith in humanity.” What’s fascinating to me is the fact that [...]

The Left’s Bag Man, Drummond Pike, Abruptly Quits Tides Foundation

The money man behind some of America’s most radical, destructive leftist groups has abruptly quit the funding entity he created. Sixties radical Drummond Pike founded the shadowy Tides Foundation which is suspected of being a major funding conduit for the nation’s preeminent funder of radical causes, George Soros. (Pike is at the right in the [...]

ACORN Is Alive; Funding Ban Dies This Week

As I reported yesterday, federal investigators are recommending that government funding for ACORN’s still operating housing affiliate be cut off immediately. In a recently completed probe, the inspector general for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found that ACORN Housing (now renamed Affordable Housing Centers of America) appeared to have committed massive fraud against the [...]

Government Probe Slams ACORN For Abuse, Deception

Citing massive irregularities and gross taxpayer funding abuses, federal investigators are recommending that government funding for ACORN’s still operating housing affiliate be cut off immediately. Investigators may also have wanted to remind the public that ACORN is still alive. Reports of ACORN’s demise continue to be churned out by misinformed journalists who  amplify the zombie [...]

Nevada Ignores ACORN PR Head Fake, Proceeds With Election Fraud Prosecution

The attorney general of Nevada, Catherine Cortez Masto, isn’t buying into radical advocacy group ACORN’s efforts to convince America it doesn’t exist.
The Democratic elected office holder is moving ahead at full speed with a criminal prosecution of ACORN even though the cash-strapped leftist group dissolved its national structure and has reportedly gone from 250 to [...]

America-Hating Terrorist Lynne Stewart May Die In Prison. Good.

Lynne Stewart is a terrorist and a traitor and ideally she should have received the death penalty.
That wasn’t the way the pantywaist Clinton-appointed Judge John G. Koeltl saw it in 2006 when he sentenced the radical anti-American lawyer who became a willing participant in an Islamic terrorist plot to a mere 28 months in prison-a fraction of [...]

Hey Lefty Journos, Sell Out Your Friends For Big Money: Andrew Breitbart’s Intriguing Offer

Conservative Internet news entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart vows “to offer the American public a unique insight in the workings of the Democrat-Media Complex” by publishing the archives of the secretive Journolist, an online discussion forum where 400 left-wing journalists meet electronically to plot to skew the news to the left.
Breitbart is offering $100,000 to any member [...]

Glenn Beck Is Not A Conspiracy Theorist, But Cocktail Conservative Continetti Can’t Grasp This Basic Fact

As I noted previously, writer Matthew Continetti objects to Glenn Beck’s vigorous daily thrashing of progressivism, a political ideology that Continetti (inexplicably) considers to be sacrosanct. Continetti, whose work I used to respect, must feel that leftists have a long and honorable history in America. Good for him.
After Continetti labeled Beck a lunatic in “The Two Faces of the Tea Party,” a recent article in the [...]