Glenn Beck Is Not A Conspiracy Theorist, But Cocktail Conservative Continetti Can’t Grasp This Basic Fact

As I noted previously, writer Matthew Continetti objects to Glenn Beck’s vigorous daily thrashing of progressivism, a political ideology that Continetti (inexplicably) considers to be sacrosanct. Continetti, whose work I used to respect, must feel that leftists have a long and honorable history in America. Good for him.
After Continetti labeled Beck a lunatic in “The Two Faces of the Tea Party,” a recent article in the [...]

Cocktail Conservative Matthew Continetti Calls Glenn Beck A Loser

Glenn Beck is an ignorant buffoon, according to a prominent Weekly Standard writer.
As previously noted, the defender of leftist virtue Matthew Continetti calls Glenn Beck a loon in an article appearing in the pro-big government conservative periodical Weekly Standard, “The Two Faces of the Tea Party.” Continetti objects to Beck’s vigorous daily thrashing of progressivism, a political ideology that Continetti (inexplicably) [...]

Glenn Beck Attacks Progressivism, Ergo, He’s A Dangerous Nut, Says Alleged Conservative Journalist.

Because Glenn Beck denounces progressivism, Matthew Continetti calls him a loon in the much-ballyhooed Weekly Standard article, The Two Faces of the Tea Party.
Continetti offers as proof of Beck’s lunacy his assertion in Glenn Beck’s Common Sense that, “With a few notable exceptions, our political leaders have become nothing more than parasites who feed off our sweat and blood.”
My [...]

Karl Rove Building The Right’s Answer To The Soros-Led Democracy Alliance

Bush political advisor Karl Rove, whom leftists consider to be a Snidely Whiplash-like figure, is reportedly putting together a group on the right to be an answer to the George Soros-led Democracy Alliance.
Politico reports on the developing group, referring to it as
a massive fundraising, organizing and advertising machine based on the model assembled by Democrats [...]

McChrystal Out, Petraeus In, Yet Buffoonish Commander-In-Chief Remains

After expressing grave misgivings about his dawdling, unserious, greenhorn Commander-in-Chief’s policies, Gen. Stanley McChrystal is history.
In a sensational Rolling Stone interview appropriately titled “The Runaway General,” McChrystal and his staffers were quite right to be critical of President Obama’s non-strategy for not winning the war in Afghanistan, but in a constitutional republic propriety requires that top generals [...]

Impeachment Time? Obama Holds Border Security Hostage

President Obama told a U.S. senator he will refuse to do his duty and enforce America’s immigration laws unless Congress cuts a deal with him to allow amnesty for illegal aliens.
The president told Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) that he will not make efforts to secure America’s porous borders until such time as Congress passes an [...]

Obama’s Coast Guard Shuts Down Oil-Sucking Barges, Citing Red Tape

After years and years and years of progressive domination of the legislative process, Big Government has spun completely out of control.
It’s so big and unwieldy it now interferes with the nation’s ability to combat an unprecedented environmental disaster. It’s so unmanageable that it can no longer be counted on to protect our country.
Nothing better illustrates [...]

ACORN Manipulated Report That ‘Cleared’ ACORN

ACORN demanded and received changes to a congressional report that –surprise, surprise– fails to find ACORN did anything wrong.
Longtime ACORN lawyer Arthur Z. Schwartz sent a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) which was examining federal grants to ACORN, under orders from Congress. Schwartz’s demands appear at pages 32 and 33 of the report which is [...]

When Is It OK To Give A Congressman A Good Old-Fashioned Beating?

If you dare to ask a Democratic congressman if he fully supports president Obama’s radical leftist agenda, you should expect to get roughed up by him, and the whole violent episode to be carefully ignored by our beloved mainstream media. That’s the lesson America learned this week.
This was a case of “a couple of students who have [...]

Academia-Gate: Peter Dreier, ACORN, Revisionism, ‘Cry Wolf,’ and Academic Whores

ACORN’s radical allies are now attempting to rewrite history to cast the organized crime syndicate as victim instead of as the prolific victimizer that it has been ever since it was created in 1970. ACORN online campaign director Nathan Henderson-James served notice in February that a propaganda effort was about to begin.
“[T]here will be a fight [...]