The Mideast Multiple Choice Exam


How Barack Obama would answer.

John Kerry: Flying Everywhere, Getting Nowhere


Why the jet-setting secretary won’t be bringing peace to the Middle East any time soon.

Obama’s Mail Bag


The president shares a few of his most memorable post-election correspondences.

Obama: America’s Hollow Man


On Obama characterization, Clint Eastwood has the last laugh.

How Leftist Jews Make Terror Kosher


The useful idiots of our time.

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Sleepless in Seattle; Clueless in DC and New York


Why we can’t rely on our policy elites to be “the best and the brightest.”

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Obama and “The Brothers”: An Invitation to Disaster

Egypt's Islamist President-elect Mohamed Mursi delivers a speech while surrounded by his body guards in Cairo's Tahrir Square

How we helped the Muslim Brotherhood come to power and undermine the US in the Middle East.

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Bleeding Our Intelligence


How Obama has badly hurt America’s ability to acquire data on terrorists.

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Iran’s Best Defense


An American president does all he can to shield Iran from Israel.

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Returning to Terror


Big Media and Democrats suppress disturbing truths about detainees released from Guantanamo.

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