145 Authors Protest ‘Freedom of Expression’ Award to Charlie Hebdo as Islamophobic


The cowardly surrender to the false charge of “Islamophobia.”

An Eye for an Eye in Tehran

iran acid

Acid-blinded woman forgives her attacker.

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Rome Stands With Israel


The unprecedented 2010 rally in Rome for Israel has now been memorialized as a new book.

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Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa


Taliban killers caught wearing their mothers’ chaudries.

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The Flotilla of Fools off to Gaza


US boat will set sail with 36 passengers, 10 journalists, and novelist Alice Walker among them.

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Abbas’ Fake Honor Killing Outrage


The Palestinian Authority leader leaves open an honor murder loophole.

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Islam and Anti-Semitism at Yale


The university suddenly shutters its initiative on the study of Jew-hatred after criticism of the Muslim world.

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Equating Anti-Semitism with ‘Islamophobia’


European Jewish and Muslim leaders sign a declaration confusing the Jewish and Muslim experience in Europe.

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NYC Queers for Jihad


New York City’s LGBT Center sides with Israel-haters over supporters of the Jewish State.

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Who Can Beat Obama?


In an era of symbolic identity politics, only one kind of candidate can trump Obama’s credentials.

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