An Eye for an Eye in Tehran

iran acid

Acid-blinded woman forgives her attacker.

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Rome Stands With Israel


The unprecedented 2010 rally in Rome for Israel has now been memorialized as a new book.

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Terrorists in Drag: Bombs Beneath the Burqa


Taliban killers caught wearing their mothers’ chaudries.

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The Flotilla of Fools off to Gaza


US boat will set sail with 36 passengers, 10 journalists, and novelist Alice Walker among them.

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Abbas’ Fake Honor Killing Outrage


The Palestinian Authority leader leaves open an honor murder loophole.

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Islam and Anti-Semitism at Yale


The university suddenly shutters its initiative on the study of Jew-hatred after criticism of the Muslim world.

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Equating Anti-Semitism with ‘Islamophobia’


European Jewish and Muslim leaders sign a declaration confusing the Jewish and Muslim experience in Europe.

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NYC Queers for Jihad


New York City’s LGBT Center sides with Israel-haters over supporters of the Jewish State.

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Who Can Beat Obama?


In an era of symbolic identity politics, only one kind of candidate can trump Obama’s credentials.

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Tom Friedman: Bring Tahrir Square to Jerusalem


Turning a blind eye to Jew-Hate and the gang-rape of infidels.

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