The Elephant in the ‘Christian Persecution’ Room 


The one thing that unites the terrorizers of Christians across the globe.

Coptic Christian Children Kidnapped and Killed for Cash


The deadly price of living as a Christian in the Middle East.

The Hound of Jihad


How the victims of jihad continue to be hounded—even beyond the grave.

Syria: Armenian Christians Pressured to Convert to Islam


The jihadist slaughter ensues.

The Aftermath of Jihad: Invisible Women

Muslim Girls Niqab Picture Image Wallpapers (6)

Where Islam takes root, gender apartheid follows.

Christmas Holiday, Islamic Horror


For many, celebration of the holy day is a matter of life and death.

Slaughter of Christian Women and Children in Muslim Lands


The horrific truth about the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

Three American Teachers Slaughtered for Christian Faith


The gruesome intolerance of the Muslim world.

The Muslim Who Amputated His Hands, ‘According to Sharia’


Ali Afifi wishes that authorities would implement Sharia as he applied it to himself.

Syria: Cleric Incites Children to ‘Slaughter’ Christians


Another example of the macabre nature of the Obama-backed rebels.