The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Morsi’s Egypt


Yet another horrifying reality of the Obama-supported “Arab Spring.”

Muslim Persecution of Christians: December 2012


Christmas is a time for fear in the Muslim world.

Saudi Hypocrisy At Its Best

King abdullah bin abdul aziz

Welcome to the sick and surreal world of the Islamic Kingdom’s “interfaith dialogue.” 

Muslim Persecution of Christians: November 2012


Another month of anguish for the followers of a dying religion in the Middle East.

Yemen’s Forgotten Christians


Surrounded by a sea of religious hostility.

Egypt, 2012: The Year In Fatwas

Picture 11

The year’s top examples of Sharia madness unleashed after Mubarak’s ouster.

A ‘Sudanese Genocide’ in Egypt?


Following down the same dark path as Islamist Khartoum.

3,000 Foreign Jihadis to Terrorize Egyptian Opposition?


Terrorists will reportedly begin flooding the country in a matter of days.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: October 2012


Around the world, a gruesome fate awaits Christians.

An Ode to ‘Islamic Truth’


Salafis are only more “radical” than the Muslim Brotherhood in their honesty.