The Islamic Schoolyard-Bully and Obama’s America


Learning the lesson from the classic “schoolyard bully” paradigm.

Shocking Video: Muslim Women Drinking Camel Urine for ‘Good Health’


Sharia medicine on full, disturbing display.

Islam’s Insanities: All Just a ‘Hoax’?


Why Westerners refuse to believe the stunning news reports emanating from the Muslim world.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: August 2012


Those who aren’t driven out by Islamist governments are tortured, enslaved and terrorized.

Egypt’s Christians — Distraught and Displaced


While the Islamist authorities look the other way.

‘Sharia Medicine’: Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine


How the prophet Muhammad healed the sick.

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How ‘Religious Defamation’ Laws Would Ban Islam


If Western films and cartoons defame Islam, the Quran itself defames all other religions.

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The Rape of Christopher Stevens


Where is the outrage, let alone a spoken word, from the White House and media?

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The Tip of the Iceberg of Christian Persecution


Why some Christians are let go, while others suffer unspeakable fates.

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Islam’s Black Flag Flies Over U.S. Embassy in Egypt


Obama’s appeasement spawns a devastating foreign policy failure.

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