More on the Slaughtered Convert to Christianity


A response to the Islamist apologists.

Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christianity in Tunisia


Graphic video of the consequences of apostasy.

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News from the Arab World


Shillman Journalism Fellow Raymond Ibrahim translates and interprets news that never makes it to English.

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A President’s Appeasement Politics


Lessons from U.S./Soviet history expose the suicidal folly of Obama’s Islam policy.

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Egypt’s Presidential Elections: What’s at Stake


Islamist-minded voters hold the fate of the country in their hands.

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Voting in Egypt as ‘Holy War’ to Empower Sharia


Indisputable evidence that, for many Muslims, elections are simply a gateway to Islamic theocracy.

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: April, 2012


From burning churches to chasing Christians with a sickle, Easter month saw an uptick of persecution.

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Islamic Hate for a Dead Pope


How Muslim teachings suppress and pervert the most natural human impulses.

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Mexican Jihad


Islamization south of the border.

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Egyptian Actress Under Fire for Playing Mother Teresa


Across the Muslim World, merely acting like a Christian is a crime.