Exposed: Morsi’s ‘Brotherhoodization’ Plan for Egypt

Mohammed Morsi

Government to be cleansed of thousands of officials.

Fatwa Permits Rape of Women in Syria


The jihadist opposition movement unleashes a terrifying new war tactic.

Muslim Cleric: ‘I Hate Christians and Am Disgusted by Them’

Picture 6

Egyptian scholar preaches the malevolent Islamic doctrine of “Love and Hate.”

The Threat of Islamic Betrayal


Assassination attempt in Turkey exposes Islamist deceit and hate.

Muslim Persecution of Christians: 2013

Mideast Egypt Sectarian Clashes

In the land where Christianity once spread the fastest, it is now dying the fastest.

Islam’s Outrageous Obscenities


Warning: vulgar language ahead.

Muslim Cleric Calls U.S. Aid to Egypt ‘Jizya’


Salafi sheikh exposes the true Islamic view of infidel dollars sent to Muslim nations.

Obama’s New Libya


Coptic Christian tortured to death in the jihadi state Obama helped create.

Hatred of Christians Unleashed in Libya


Attacks on Benghazi consulate and religious minorities share a common cause in the Islamist state.

Mass Arrest and Torture of Christians in Libya


Obama-supported jihadists use allegations of “proselytizing” as a pretext to terrorize.