Tempests in a British Teapot


Is the UK’s News Corp. hacking story really newsworthy in the US?

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Can the Tea Party Save the Light Bulb?


Not likely.

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Do July 4th Parades Turn Kids Republican?


A Harvard study attempts to politicize patriotism, but American exceptionalism isn’t dead yet.

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Obama’s Crude Politics


Why did the president authorize a release from our emergency oil reserves?

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Ethanolics Anonymous


Even with subsidies gone, the ethanol industry will still nickel and dime Americans.

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Boehner Cracks on War Powers Act


The speaker of the House gives Obama a free pass, when he should have held the president accountable.

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GOP Forces Dems to Choose on Debt Limit


The failed debt ceiling vote had as much to do with November 2012 as it did August 2011.

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The Deranged World of Cynthia McKinney


The former congresswoman denigrates the U.S. and feeds conspiracies of Israeli control over the U.S. government.

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GOP Presidential Candidate Field Suddenly Shapes Up


Who benefits most from the bow out of Huckabee and Trump?

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We Need a Hearing on Fed’s Role in Gas Prices


The government makes more on every gallon sold than anyone in the supply chain.

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