Obama’s Race Card

Barack Obama

A “post-racial” administration continues to distract the electorate with phony racial issues.

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On Wisconsin, Obama Appeals to Fear


The president builds a straw man.

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The Battle of Wisconsin Rages On


Labor leader Richard Trumka gives the nod of approval to the violent, hateful rhetoric in Madison.

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The Left’s Ends Justify Any Means


From violent rhetoric to refusal to do one’s duty, every tactic is in play in Wisconsin and Indiana.

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Big Labor’s Retreat Continues in the Hoosier State


The movement to rein in union monopolies gains momentum in key states.

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As Wisconsin Goes…


The showdown in Madison represents a tipping point in national politics.

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Union Fascism on Full Display in Wisconsin


The Left shows its true colors — and hypocrisy — in the heart of America.

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2012 Budget: “Debt on Arrival”


Obama tries — again — to pull the moderate wool over the public’s eyes.

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Code Pink’s Egyptian Agenda


The leftist “peace” group extends a hand of solidarity to the usual suspects.

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The Egyptian Crisis’ Green Roots


How the Left’s biofuel-induced starvation exacerbates instability in the Third World.

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