The Agony of Moral Defeat


A tale of two leftists and their broken dreams.

The Guilt of Israeli Scholars


The accusations which aren’t made against any other academics from any other country.

Moral Narcissism and the MLA’s Obsession with Israel


The lure of Palestinianism.

The ASA Boycott: Academic Freedom for Me, But Not for Thee


The dark and pernicious call for a boycott of Israeli universities.

The Moral Incoherence of the Israeli Scholars Boycott Movement


A long campaign of historical distortion and outright lies.

Irish Teachers Union Calls for Academic Boycott of Israel

Boycott Israel

A tale of moral incoherence.

Trying to Give Scholarly Respectability to the ‘Right of Return’ Fantasy


Jew-haters prepare to descend on Boston University.

Northeastern U’s Students for Justice in Palestine Cheerlead Hamas & Call for the Murder of Jews


The Unholy Alliance’s chilling display of hate.

Benghazi and the Oslo Syndrome


Unmasking the psychology of blaming America for the terrorism perpetrated against it.

A BDS Call for Disarmament in the Middle East


But only for Israel, of course.

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