Canada’s Jihad Denial


The Islamic State’s threats to strike in Canada are carried out – while the media search for a motive.

Britain: Muslim Rape Gangs Run Wild


Authorities cower in fear of being called “racist,” while key files go missing.

The Diversity of Islam?


Nicholas Kristof allows his fantasies about the “Religion of Peace” to obscure the grim reality.

The Islamic State Is Here


The disturbing history of known terrorists exploiting the southern border.

The Oklahoma Beheader’s Radical Environment


The secrets of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City exposed.

The Oklahoma Beheading: More ‘Workplace Violence’?

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 10.24.09 PM

The Obama Administration misrepresents another jihad terror attack.

Muslim Scholars ‘Refute’ Islamic State’s Islamic Case — While Endorsing Jihad, Sharia, Caliphate


Exposing CAIR’s deceptive campaign.

An ISIS Nest Grows in Boston


A city that has welcomed Islamic supremacists gets what it wanted.

Saudi Arabia’s Phony Anti-Terrorism Fatwa

(FILES) A picture taken on December 30,

What the House of Saud is really worried about.

The War at Home


A Muslim serial killer in America.