How Writers Question the Legitimacy of Israel


John Judis’ new insidious and dishonest book.

The Liberal Supporters of Max Blumenthal and the Campaign to Delegitimize Israel


Shame on James Fallows and Peter Bergen.

Red Love


David Evanier’s tragicomic masterpiece parodies the 20th century’s most infamous communist couple.

How David Horowitz Revealed the Truth about Ralph Miliband’s Legacy


What it should teach the British Left.

Laudatory Tributes for Saul Landau


Major U.S. newspapers celebrate a supporter of repressive communist regimes.

Diana West’s Attempt to Respond


Two claims to refute my review, both false.

Diana West Down Crackpot Alley


Why I wrote a take-down of her awful book.

When the New Left Shilled for North Korea

kim sung

Uncovering Robert Scheer’s extensive ties and infatuation with Kim Il-Sung.

The Left and the Rosenberg Case


Historian Staughton Lynd inadvertently reveals the real concern of members of the Political Faith.

A Misguided Attack on Stanley Kurtz’s “Radical-in-Chief” and Other anti-Obama Books

I knew that Stanley Kurtz’s new and important book, Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism, would be the subject of attack. I predicted that at first, the mainstream press would either ignore it, or if they find that they could not, would seek to go on the offense by comparing it to the [...]