American Jewish Groups Dropped Ball on the Iran Deal


Purported pro-Israel groups are failing to do their job.

Lying About History Will Not Help the Cause for Peace


Responding to OneVoice’s campus misinformation tour.

Seven Fascinating Things I Learned in Israel


Surprising facts about the Jewish State that your tour guide won’t tell you.

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Time for Israel Supporters to Fight Back


A new initiative seeks to fight fire with fire.

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Five Pearls of Wisdom for Young Leftists


Key lessons not taught in universities.

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Obama Denies Bluffing on Iran


Is the GOP underestimating Obama?

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John Stuart Mill and the Arab Spring


What would the “On Liberty” author think of the uprisings in the Middle East?

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Israel and the Youth


Which political perspective is responsible for disaffection of young Jews?

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Pink Floyd Rocker Roger Waters Shows his Hypocrisy with Israel “Boycott”

Everyone knows that Israel is currently threatened by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah — both supported by the virulently anti-Israel Iranian regime. But what many do not know is that Israel is also under attack in a cultural war which seeks to destroy her by way of boycotts and divestments. The freest state […]