Putin and the Slimmer, Sleeker, Slimier Soviet State


The head thug-in-charge prepares to retake the presidency.

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Obama’s Unprecedented Politicization of Justice and the Foreign Service


Among the most glaring of the President’s hypocrisies,

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Back to the Future with Bibi and the Clintons


How Netanyahu’s peace efforts have been thwarted for a decade and a half.

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Treating Israelis Like Rational People, Not Pawns


The author of a new book on Israeli counter-terrorism learns something he didn’t want to.

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The End of the Peace Process… Again?

Palestinians hold a sign depicting a swastika during clashes at Qalandiya checkpoint

Facing the truth of what’s really behind the UN statehood gambit.

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The Future of the Middle East


The horror that will follow if revolutionary Islamism takes over the region.

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Canada: Israel’s Greatest Friend in the World


Prime Minister Steven Harper’s Israel advocacy getting its due.

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The Mideast History Lesson Obama So Desperately Needs


Netanyahu taught Mideast History 101 to the President; now it’s time for 102.

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Inside the Mind of the Mastermind, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed


A man whose visions of mayhem gave pause to even Osama bin Laden.

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George Mitchell’s Mideast Failure


Three lessons to learn from a fiasco.

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