Why Is Obama in Bed with the Muslim Brotherhood?


The Unholy Alliance on full display.

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Obama Holds Netanyahu at ‘Gunpoint’

U.S. President Obama and Israel's PM Netanyahu meet in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

The intense pressure is pushing Israel into self-destruction.

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The History Channel Sucks as History

The History Channel posts a reminder, Nov 29,1947. U.N. votes for partition of Palestine but their article is pure Arab propaganda and gives the lie to history. “Despite strong Arab opposition, the United Nations votes for the partition of Palestine and the creation of an independent Jewish state.”“The modern conflict between Jews and Arabs in [...]

Would President Palin End the Futile ‘Peace Process’?

Cross-posted from American Thinker Come hell or high water, President Obama is determined to create a Palestinian state during his watch.  He has been doing his utmost to attack and pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu to support the two-state solution which Netanyahu did in part in his Bar Ilan speech and to freeze construction which he [...]

Israel Must Say “No” to the Peace Process, Sooner or Later

Israel must say “no” to extending the freeze formally or de facto. Israel must also say “no” to the peace process sooner or later. Even if Israel continued to build and the PA was prepared to return to the peace process, Israel should refuse to negotiate unless of course she is prepared to swallow the [...]