Alice in Liberal Land


What if Alice could visit the world of leftist rhetoric and assumptions today?

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Democracy Versus Mob Rule


Taxpayers should demand their money back for the public schools that produced Occupy Wall Street protesters.

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The Media and ‘Bullying’


Which minority group is in vogue for the Left determines media crusades.

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Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene


Instead of “spreading the wealth,” Obama has spread the poverty.

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Economic Meddling Disasters


Why politics and economics should not mix.

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The ‘Ponzi’ Sound Bite


The hard truth behind the media outrage.

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Leave the Economy Alone


Why politicians, Left and Right, should try doing nothing.

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An Unusual Economy?

Or unusually bad leadership?

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Learning from Britain’s Moral Rot


A wake-up call for the West.

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Random Thoughts of an Economist


I have never believed for a moment that Barack Obama has the best interests of the United States at heart.

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