What Can Be Done to Avoid Our Nation’s Decline?


For the past-half century, we have been doing precisely what has brought down other great societies.

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Understanding Liberals


Living at the expense of others.

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Minimum Wage’s Discriminatory Effects


The Left creates an unemployment crisis in the black community.

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Let’s Blame Speculators


What exactly goes into determining the cost of oil?

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Smugglers As Heroes


Not everything illegal is immoral and not everything legal is moral.

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Eat the Rich


What would our economic debates be like if we got rid of the Left’s favorite punching bag?

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Diversity Perversity


Why affirmative action just doesn’t sell.

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Eric Holder’s Folly


Requiring the passing score on Dayton, Ohio’s Civil Service exam be lowered is an insult to black people.

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Huffington Post’s Economic Lunacy


Why does the Left think Japan’s disaster will be good for its economy?

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Blame Congress, Not Presidents, for High Taxes


Why do we give the governmental body most responsible for reckless spending a pass?

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