Finding Americans to do Beijing’s Dirty Work


Chinese communists recruit the usual suspects who believe the U.S. is run by fascists.

A Disturbing Defense of Putin’s “Realism”


John J. Mearsheimer blames the Ukraine crisis on the West.

The Left Renews Its Vows With Moscow


How hatred of the U.S. is bringing old allies back together.

Leftists Embrace North Korea — And China


Anti-war radicals continue to blame America first.

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Clinton Gets Tough on China


Why the Asian giant hopes it can appeal to Obama to restrain Hillary.

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Pakistan Descends


The terrorist haven rises on the list of most corrupt states.

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Brazilian Ambition


A leader of developing nations, the South American nation inches closer toward the enemy camp.

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Green Terrorism’s New Left Roots


How Sixties radicals influenced the lethal anti-human philosophy of would-be killer James J. Lee.

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China Rising


The Pentagon’s 2010 report on the Chinese military reveals the disturbing military might of the old Communist power.

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From Keynesianism to Socialism


Obama confirms that he will truly never let a crisis go to waste.

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