The Left Renews Its Vows With Moscow


How hatred of the U.S. is bringing old allies back together.

Leftists Embrace North Korea — And China


Anti-war radicals continue to blame America first.

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Clinton Gets Tough on China


Why the Asian giant hopes it can appeal to Obama to restrain Hillary.

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Pakistan Descends


The terrorist haven rises on the list of most corrupt states.

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Brazilian Ambition


A leader of developing nations, the South American nation inches closer toward the enemy camp.

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Green Terrorism’s New Left Roots


How Sixties radicals influenced the lethal anti-human philosophy of would-be killer James J. Lee.

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China Rising


The Pentagon’s 2010 report on the Chinese military reveals the disturbing military might of the old Communist power.

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From Keynesianism to Socialism


Obama confirms that he will truly never let a crisis go to waste.

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Obama: Bowing to Beijing?


A U.S. war game retreat in the Yellow Sea may signal a critical change in the balance of will in Northeast Asia.

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Bowing to North Korea

North Korea Military Parade

The U.S. stands by while the outlaw state and its allies antagonize the Yellow Sea.

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