The True Meaning of Israel’s Sartaba Mountain


Ancient lessons from the people of Israel and what they mean to the Jewish community today.

Scrapping Oslo


Peace accords are dead on the vine — but what are the alternatives?

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The Oslo Accords Are Dead — And the Palestinians Killed Them


Why the Palestinian Authority no longer has any legitimacy.

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The Palestinians Create a Virtual State


Until they can destroy Israel, Palestinians find solace in a fantasy state.

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Whither the Quartet?


How the “roadmap” to peace lead to a brick wall.

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The New Middle East: A Graveyard


Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh embarks on an Arab Spring tour to put a human face on his inhuman terrorist organization.

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A Forty-Year Fraud


The UN Committee for the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People has been holding a knife to Israel’s back since 1975.

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