Leftist Occupiers and Double Standards

Where is the media's coverage of the totalitarian behavior of the progressives of our time?

The behavior of the Occupy Wall Street protesters has raised some curious questions about the continuing double standards in our society. When it comes to fascistic leftist behavior, our mainstream media overlooks and excuses it -- while conservatives are demonized and blamed for every dead sparrow that falls from the sky. If members of the Tea Party behaved in a fashion similar to the leftist occupiers on Wall Street, their antics would be the target of rabid moral indignation on the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post and on the lead stories of every cable news show.

Take, for instance, the charming individual whose name is apparently Danny Cline -- also known as “Lotion Man.” He is fighting for “social justice” on Wall Street, as can be witnessed in some intriguing videos posted at TheBlaze.com. In one video, he engages in an anti-Semitic verbal attack on an older Jewish man and tells him to “go back to Israel.” Then, in this heart-warming video, he uses extremely profane language and racial slurs -- including the N word:

[Warning: very graphic language]

One can’t help from wondering: is there any video out there of a Tea Party member acting this way? No, there isn’t. But if there were, imagine what the Left and the media would do with it and what accusations they would make. In this case, we hear nothing; the media does not report on this individual and the Left does not denounce him. And if the Left were forced to account for Danny Cline’s behavior, its answers would be obvious: he is just a nut that doesn’t represent anything. But we know that this excuse would never wash if Cline was a Tea Partier. It is clear, of course, that the Lotion Man’s behavior represents what the Left truly is at its core: hateful and lusting after destruction. There is no better poster boy for the Left than the Lotion Man.

The fascist face of Occupy Wall Street is also to be seen in a video of this man articulating his not-so-original view of who -- in his imagination -- controls world finance.  His vision and cure for the problem is a clear carbon copy of a book you may have heard of called Mein Kampf:

One can’t help but wonder: where is the media’s coverage and denouncement of this man and his thesis? Where is the Left’s indignation? What if a Tea Party member had spoken in this fashion on a video against any racial group, what would happen? We know the answer to these questions.

You can also see a Wall Street occupier defecating on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan here:

When has a Tea Party demonstrator ever behaved in this way?

The difference in the behavior of Tea Party members and Wall Street Occupiers can be seen in a contrasting slide show at ToddKinsey.com, called “Tea Party vs. Occupy Wall Street in pictures.” The contrasting images tell quite a story -- and yet our media reserves its hatred for the Tea Party, while silently nodding approval for the Red-Guard demonstrators on Wall Street.

These double standards are evident everywhere you look. Recently, for example, “Occupy Atlanta” silenced Civil Rights Hero John Lewis from speaking at their gathering. In an eerie Marxist cult-like exercise of group totalitarian repetition, the new Khmer Rouge foot soldiers of our time "voted" against allowing Lewis to speak. First, why are these haters not being accused of racism? Imagine if a Tea Party gathering humiliated John Lewis by making him stand to the side helplessly while voting amongst themselves, for a ridiculously long period of time, on whether he should be allowed to speak and then finally threw him out? Why does this leftist gathering get off scot-free from the charges of racism that the media loves to hurl at the Tea Party -- which would never behave in this way?

Furthermore, why does the totalitarian method of these leftist cultists in Atlanta get a pass in the media? For instance, as the son of Russian dissidents who can smell an approaching Gulag quite quickly, I can tell you that, if I were to come across this gathering by some tragic misfortune, that upon just observing their behavior for no more than thirty seconds, I would make a run for it, sprinting away as fast as I could as though I were running for my life. I would be terrified that I had stumbled onto a dangerous cult and that a David Koresh or Jim Jones could emerge at any second.

In the video, individualism has clearly been annihilated in the group hysteria where the Stalinists of our time have come to submerge their own unwanted selves into a totalitarian whole. It only takes a few simple questions to reveal the darkness that is transpiring in this recipe for a concentration camp. For instance, what if I were among this crowd and I didn’t feel like chanting back what was being said? What if I wanted to remain silent? What if I continued with this behavior and started encouraging others to be silent and not to engage in the repetition ritual? What if I started asking why the guy who is holding the microphone gets to talk? Doesn’t that make him more important than everyone else? This was, after all, one of the reasons given by a shouting leftist to forbid Lewis from speaking. If these people had total power, what would happen to me?

We have seen the horrific consequences of this leftist utopian enterprise in the killing fields of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, the North Vietnamese, the Khmer Rouge and Castro. What happened to Lewis is obviously the beginning of the banishments to the Gulag in this fascist group’s agenda, but for now it takes on a relatively benign form since the group does not hold the reigns of true power. Once it captures power, the story would become very different. Why is this group not held to account for its Leninist and Maoist tactics and for trying to mold a base for killing fields? Have we forgotten why they called the Khmer Rouge "Sartre's children"?

The list goes on and on: the other day, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell couldn’t even disguise his hatred of Herman Cain in his hostile interview with the GOP presidential candidate. We all know that if a white conservative media host were ever this aggressive and full of disdain in an interview with a leftist African-American, he would be immediately accused of racism in our culture and by our media. Till this day anyone who has something critical to say about Obama is accused of being a racist (unless you are a radical criticizing him from the extreme Left of course). And yet Lawrence O’Donnell can show blatant contempt for an African-American and engage in a completely unfair and unprofessional personal attack in an interview and he is not called out on it.

We know very well, of course, where the roots of these double standards lie. We know what the Danny Clines and Lawrence O'Donnells of this world want to achieve. We know what the Marxist cultists who banished John Lewis want; it’s the same thing the defecator on the NYPD car wants. It’s what the Brown Shirt occupiers on Wall Street want. And that’s why they all hate the same people and the same things. “Social justice” and “economic equality” are just the code words that they exploit to camouflage their true goal: destroying America and its democratic and capitalist system. The mainstream media, filled with leftists and run by leftists, is sympathetic to that goal. That’s why the commitment against hate and racism, which for the Left is just a cynical weapon with which it can beat its own society, is sacrificed by our media when it is blatantly violated by the Left. The Left’s ends are always seen, by its admirers and followers, as a justification of its means -- and that’s why communist mass murderer Fidel Castro and his chief executioner Che Guevera remain the darlings of the Left and our media till this day.


Get the whole story of why leftists yearn for totalitarianism in Jamie Glazov’s book, “United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Tyranny and Terror.”