Civil Rights Icon Rejected by Occupy Atlanta Protest

Why Democrats ought to be extremely careful of what they wish for.

Editors' note: The Occupy Wall Street movement has done such a good job as a ragged peasant army fighting Barack Obama's class war for him that the Democrats have decided they can ride this tiger.  They have tried to portray this as a movement of "populist outrage" (although designed by the people who brought us ACORN and by the corrupt SEIU union thugs) authentically expressing the exasperation of middle class America. But the events in the video you will see below suggest that these Democrats ought to be careful of what they wish for.

The video, discussed by Glenn Beck in the link we provide from, shows Congressman John Lewis dropping by the encampment of the OWS Atlanta branch.  His offer to speak to the crowd is subjected to a savage parody of "direct democracy" conducted in the antiphonal cadences of a kindergarten classroom that finally, after a brain dwarfing session of baby talk, tells him in effect to come back later.

Lewis may be known as a party line Democratic liberal now, but back in the day he was a hero of the civil rights movement -- one of the first Freedom Riders in 1961, coordinator of SNCC's 1964 Freedom Summer, beaten senseless at the Selma march in 1965 and almost killed by a racist mob at Montgomery.  Its treatment of Lewis shows OWS's historical illiteracy as well as its banality.  And it shows that the desperate Democrats who thought that they could profitably harness these vain nihilists to their 2012 class warfare/eat the rich narrative for the reelection of the President ought to be afraid, very afraid, about this strategy.  Look closely at this video and see the face of a man, John Lewis, who just got a whiff of the blowback waiting for Democrats who think that OWS is their ticket to ride in 2012.

To watch the video of the event and Glenn Beck's discussion of it on, click here.