Gay Slurs, Al Sharpton and Double Standards

Why is film director Brett Ratner fired for using a gay slur while Sharpton isn’t held accountable for doing the same thing?

Director Brett Ratner was recently forced to resign as producer of the Oscars after using a gay slur. He was also forced to make an apology. You can read all about it here.

It is very intriguing in our culture who is held to account and punished for saying certain words and who isn’t. For instance, Rev. Al Sharpton used this same gay slur in an aggressive taunt and put-down to another individual on the Morton Downey Jr. show years back.

With the Ratner incident now staring us in the face, is it not time that the Rev. Al Sharpton is also held to account for using this gay slur? Why shouldn’t he be forced to resign as a civil rights leader and as a spokesman for black people? Why shouldn’t he be forced to apologize?

Why is it ok for Sharpton to use the gay slur and not for Ratner?

See Sharpton using the gay slur below: