Changing Iran: The Power of One

A Canadian-Iranian freedom fighter's amazing struggle proves individuals can make great gains for human rights.

Imagine that the president overnight decreed that women must cover themselves from head to toe lest they be imprisoned. Imagine suddenly a new brigade of morality police appears on the scene to patrol for unacceptable behavior, jailing and beating transgressors on sight. Imagine a new regime of rules that sentenced women defending themselves against rape to death. This is the world that Nazanin Afshin-Jam, a Canadian-Iranian human rights activist, and her family left following the Islamic revolution in Iran. Below, Afshin-Jam recounts her amazing story and successful campaigns to save lives in the Islamic Republic of Iran through her own individual initiative. Addressing an audience at the 2011 TEDx event in Vancouver, Canada, Afshin-Jam reveals her hope to one day create an international body of justice for the victims of human rights abuses in the world.