Communism Reborn

As our new broadside about Occupy Wall Street shows, this movement marks a new phase in the rebirth of the communist left.


As John Perazzo and I write in our new broadside about Occupy Wall Street, this movement marks a new phase in the rebirth of the communist left. I wrote about this phenomenon previously in my book Unholy Alliance, where I included a lengthy analysis called "The Mind of the Left" tracing its development from the Stalinism of the Thirties through its reincarnation in the final degenerated stages of the New Left (William Ayers comes to mind) and then in the post-Communist resurgence of the international left first in the anti-globalization riots (which were not against  globalization but against capitalism) and then in the movement to defend the Iraqi mass murderer Saddam Hussein. Only a movement so swept up in its hatred of America as a symbol of capitalism could have committed a moral atrocity like this. In the book I also noted and analyzed the "unholy alliance" that had been formed globally between the forces of Islamic totalitarianism and the radical secular left. Hence the title of the book.

At the time I wrote the book -- which was 2004 -- the main organization of the international left was the Soros-funded World Social Forum which brought together narco-terrorists, Islamic jihadists and Western radicals such as Noam Chomsky. The World Social Forum has now emerged as the brain center of the Occupy movement -- which is more accurately the neo-Communist international -- and its plans for global anti-capitalist riots in June.