Unveiling Occupy Wall Street

The sinister agenda of a radical movement.

Three distinguished guests recently joined The Glazov Gang, Frontpage’s television program, to discuss the rebirth of communism on American soil. The guests were: Sonja Schmidt, a conservative political analyst, Evan Sayet, America’s #1 conservative comedian and Kevin Hand, CEO and President of Hand & Associates. We run all three segments of the three part series below.  Part I deals with the sinister designs of Occupy Wall Street, Part 2 focuses on the persecution of truth tellers about Islam, and Part 3 deals with Romney's lead in the GOP presidential contest.

[For the whole story behind Occupy Wall Street and how this movement marks a new phase in the rebirth of the communist Left, read the new broadside by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn. This essential pamphlet exposes the roots, leaders and hidden agendas of the radical movement and its war on capitalism and free societies.]

Part 1: The True Face of Occupy Wall Street

Part 2: Fired For Islamophobia

Part 3: Romney Rising