The Rise of Romney

Three distinguished guests join Frontpage television to discuss the GOP presidential race.

Three distinguished guests recently joined The Glazov Gang, Frontpage’s television program, to discuss the GOP presidential race. The guests were: Sonja Schmidt, a conservative political analyst, Evan Sayet, America’s #1 conservative comedian and Kevin Hand, CEO and President of Hand & Associates. We run all three segments of the three part series below.  Part I deals with the sinister designs of Occupy Wall Street, Part 2 focuses on the persecution of truth tellers about Islam, and Part 3 deals with Romney's lead in the GOP presidential contest.

[For the whole story behind Occupy Wall Street and how this movement marks a new phase in the rebirth of the communist Left, read the new broadside by David Horowitz and John Perazzo, Occupy Wall Street: The Communist Movement Reborn. This essential pamphlet exposes the roots, leaders and hidden agendas of the radical movement and its war on capitalism and free societies.]

Part 1: The True Face of Occupy Wall Street

Part 2: Fired For Islamophobia

Part 3: Romney Rising