A Night of Conservative Stand-Up Comedy in Westlake Village Near L.A

Come join conservative comedian Evan Sayet lead a night of a pure skewering of the Left.

Frontpage Interview's guest today is Evan Sayet, one of America's top conservative comedians. While he keeps Americans laughing at the Left, his serious work is also greatly respected -- like his lecture to the Heritage Foundation, which has dubbed by many as "The unified field theory of Liberalism."  Right Wing News recently described Evan as “One of the twenty-five most influential Jewish conservatives in America.”

Evan is holding one of his nights of conservative stand-up comedy – a pure skewering of Liberalism -- with special guest stars Sonja Schmidt and Patty Smith as "The Ladies of the Right" on March 25th in Westlake Village near L.A, so we thought it would be a good time to sit him down with him for a quick interview.

FP: Evan, thanks for being here.

ES:  My pleasure, but with an intro like that, I’m afraid I’m out of time.

FP:  Well, just a couple of questions, then.

ES:  Shoot.  Oh, wait, I shouldn’t have said that, it might incite violence.  Go ahead.

FP:  Well, what exactly is “conservative comedy?”

ES:  It’s just my shorthand, a way of letting my potential audience know that it’s, first, a night of political humor and that that humor is going to reflect the values of grown-ups who love and care about America, Judeo-Christian values, morality, decency and all the things Democrats hate.

FP: Why’d you pick this particular venue?

ES:  I knew right from the start that I didn’t want to do my events in comedy clubs if I could help it.  I wanted venues that were more like night clubs of old. That’s why, for the first several years, when I did shows in the LA area, I did it at the Friars Club in Beverly Hills. But then they went under.  Then I found this quaint little club – Fiamme -- with great food and the right atmosphere so now, when I’m in town and working on new material, it’s the perfect venue.

FP: Do you ever have leftists in the audience?

ES: It’s rare, as the means I use to promote the events targets Republicans and conservatives, but sometimes one or two come by to try and feel out “the enemy” and sometimes a conservative brings a Liberal friend to have them hear the other side.  It's great when you get them alone cause they have no idea what to do or say.

FP: How can people get tickets?

ES:  All they need to do is go to my website at evansayet.com.  Click on the first page and all the information is there.

FP:  Thanks, Evan.

ES:  Thanks, Jamie.

FP: We encourage all of our readers at Frontpage who are in the area to make it out to this great night of conservative stand-up comedy. Again, it's on March 25th in Westlake Village near L.A. Don't miss it!