Another Thought Criminal Banished by the Daily Kos

Dissent over Trayvon Martin case results in excommunication for Kos poster.

Staying true to its record of suffocating free expression, the Daily Kos recently banned poster Ben Cohen over his opposition to the mob hysteria and media misinformation that has all but convicted George Zimmerman of cold-blooded, racially motivated murder in the absence of evidence or trial. In his correspondence with the editors of FrontPage, Mr. Cohen had this to say about his excommunication from the site:

"I've been a poster at DailyKos for 5 years and was recently banned for posting the following dairy: 'Stop the Lynch Mob'.

"I made this post because I do not believe that under present conditions George Zimmerman can receive a fair trial. The information being posted in the media is either false or misleading, and most of the media and public appears to have made up their minds. The posters on DailyKos took exception to my use of the term "lynch mob," which I defended by saying that the comparison was in terms of their attitude, not their behavior. What bothers me are the outright lies being put out by the media:

"Lie #1- George Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin after he was told not to. There is absolutely no evidence for this. According to the 911 tapes, George Zimmerman was told that following Trayvon Martin was unnecessary, and he apparently acquiesced to their request (by saying okay). He also stayed on the line with police and talked to them about where they could meet him. I have listened to the full 911 audio and it does not appear that he was running after him at that point.

"Lie #2- Zimmerman shot Martin in cold blood. The only eyewitness to the attack saw Trayvon Martin on top of George Zimmerman pummeling him, while George Zimmerman called for help. This same eyewitness, "John," did not see how the altercation started. He did not see who attacked who first, but there was a fight and George had clearly lost it and was getting punched in the face. The initial police report also states that George Zimmerman had a bloody nose, blood on the back of his head, and grass on his back.

"Lie#3- George Zimmerman was not questioned and allowed to walk home with his weapon. According to the partial police report, George Zimmerman was handcuffed and taken to the police station. At the police station George Zimmerman was questioned without an attorney. The police decided they did not have enough evidence to press charges against him and released him.

"These lies are what prompted me to post my comments; I believe everyone deserves to be treated fairly. George Zimmerman may be a racist vigilante, but that is irrelevant to whether or not he is guilty of murder. In my opinion given the facts of the case it is extremely unlikely that George Zimmerman is guilty of first degree murder, or a hate crime which is what many believe.

"Nonetheless, the biggest liberal website in the U.S. is banning people for aggressively questioning the media narrative. It's frightening to believe that we live in a country where people don't care at all about the truth."

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