America's Ten Leading Purveyors of Hate

A glimpse of what true hate looks like.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a new “Intelligence Report” titled “30 New Activists Heading Up The Radical Right.” It includes well-known conservative figures like Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and David Yerushalmi, lumping them in with members of the New Black Panthers, the Ku Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis. It’s a shameless attempt at shutting up those with whom the left most strenuously disagrees. And it’s no surprise. In the past, the SPLC has labeled Family Research Council a hate group simply because FRC doesn’t buy into the left-wing social agenda.

There are real haters in the world, however. They occupy both the left and the right – though the ones who impact the debate reside almost exclusively on the left. Here, then, are ten of the worst. They’re not the absolute worst; they’re not even close to a comprehensive list. But they give an idea of what true hate looks like:

Louis Farrakhan. Somehow, Farrakhan seems to have undergone a radical media transformation into a non-insane person. Or at the very least, his toxicity has been downplayed thanks to his obvious affiliation with Barack Obama’s circle of friends, including Jeremiah Wright. But Farrakhan remains as relevant and as dangerous as ever. He’s a massive anti-Semite, a classical Protocols of the Elders of Zion type who thinks the Jews control all the world’s media outlets and target black folks for exploitation.

Al Sharpton. Sharpton has been completely redefined from radical race-baiter into mainstream newscaster. He still hasn’t made that transition, as evidenced by his involvement in the Trayvon Martin situation, in which he jet-setted down to Florida to threaten the town of Sanford. But whereas the establishment wanted nothing to do with Sharpton after the Duke Lacrosse debacle, Sharpton followed up his visit to Sanford by hooking up with President Obama at the White House. When he isn’t inciting riots against Jews in New York City or smearing honest men with rape allegations, Sharpton is running his godawful MSNBC show, where he puts out leftist talking points laced with race-baiting. Fortunately for America, the audience resists he much.

David Brock. Andrew Breitbart once described hateful troll David Brock as a man addicted to “career-enhancing blindly self-motivated political assassinations.” There’s no doubt about that. Brock started off as a conservative, but when his book about Hillary Clinton wasn’t a bestseller, he turned to the radical left, hooked up with George Soros, and opened up Media Matters for America, the leading purveyor of lies in American politics. MMFA will defend anything leftist – ACORN wanted to help out people it believed were a pimp and a prostitute? No problem, since ACORN gets out the vote for Democrats – and attack anything remotely conservative. They aren’t interested in truth. They’re interested in shilling, and acting as a conduit for the Obama administration’s hateful attempts to stifle free speech. Brock leads that charge, when he isn’t too busy outing his former friends or abusing staffers.

Richard Cohen. Cohen is the president of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a radical hatemongering group devoted to far-left causes, but masquerading as an objective do-gooding anti-racism group. SPLC has done some admirable things, like fighting the KKK – but they’ve also lumped in normal conservatives with KKK members for good measure. Everything is a race case, according to Cohen. Everyone who is remotely right-wing becomes a member of a “hate group.” This is a sheer intimidation tactic, and it’s despicable.

Mel Gibson. Yeah, you know why. And no matter how much you love Passion of the Christ, he’s still a hater.

Dan Savage. Savage, who heads up the Obama-endorsed anti-bullying It Gets Better Project, is one of America’s biggest bullies. When he isn’t calling the Pope a “dope” or screaming at Christian kids for walking out on his anti-Christian screeds, he’s writing pornographic columns, redefining Rick Santorum’s name in perverse ways, and licking doorknobs to infect Gary Bauer with the flu. He’s a sick and sad human being, and yet he’s visited the White House and hung out with Joe Biden. Go figure.

Occupy Wall Street. Not everyone in the Occupy Wall Street movement is a degenerate loser who hates Jews, earners, and showers. But far too many Occupiers are. The media’s love affair with Occupy demonstrates the media’s willingness to overlook any act by anyone remotely associated with the socialistic cause – hell, it’s why Che is on t-shirts, but Ted Bundy isn’t, even though Che killed far more people than Bundy. Nonetheless, the Occupy movement is a disgraceful example of just what happens when hatred of America and capitalism is allowed to overcome good sense. The price is paid in rape, murder, and property damage.

Keith Olbermann. His list of hit-quotes doesn’t even bear repeating. Suffice it to say he was so radical that he ended up tossed by both MSNBC and Current TV.

Bill Maher. He plays comedian, someone who will attack both sides. In reality, he’s a vile, formerly-funny little jester dwarf who is misogynistic beyond belief, an anti-religious bigot, and a caricature of the hateful troll leftist. It’s a good thing he stacks his audience with trained seals. If he didn’t, the silence would be deafening.

There are plenty of others. Mike Malloy. Ted Rall. Charles Blow. Max Blumenthal. The list could go on and on. But suffice it to say that before SPLC casts the first stone, it should ensure that it and its leftist friends don’t live in glass houses.

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