Diagnosing the Nightmare in the Middle East -- on The Glazov Gang

Dwight Schultz, Tommi Trudeau and Leon Weinstein illuminate how an administration spawned a catastrophe.

As we witness the Islamist attacks on our embassies, the murder of our ambassador to Libya, and our government's simultaneous apologies to those who hate and wage war on us, the catastrophic failure of Obama's foreign policy is evident for all to see.

The roots of this devastating mishandling of our national interest were recently discussed on the Glazov Gang, where Dwight Schultz, Tommi Trudeau and Leon Weinstein gathered to analyze the main themes of the DNC and RNC conventions. In their discussion, the guests crystallized the willful blindness that prevails in the Democratic Party in general and in Obama administration in particular. They shed light on how it has now spawned the horrifying threat in the Islamic Middle East. All three parts of the three part series can be seen below:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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