Pamela Geller Censored About Hamas-CAIR on CNN's @ErinBurnett

CNN abruptly cuts segment at Pamela's Hamas-CAIR description, but full audio secretly recorded.

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Pamela Geller was interviewed by Erin Burnett on CNN. Taken to task by Burnett for her ads that stand up for Israel and against Jihad, Pamela powerfully exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of those who slander, oppose and defame counter-jihad activists while remaining completely silent about and indifferent to the savagery of Islamic jihad. The video of the interview suddenly cuts at the end of Pamela's description of the ADL, and does not play her description of Hamas-CAIR. However, the full audio is available because Pamela secretly recorded it. Do not miss this performance by Pamela Geller and what CNN attempted to censor.

The interview that CNN let you see is below. Underneath the video, click on the link to go to Pamela's site to see what CNN censored.

To hear and read what CNN didn't want you to see, click here.