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The death of Hollywood masculinity.

In the new James Bond film Skyfall, there’s apparently a scene in which the villain, Silva (Javier Bardem), comes on to Bond (Daniel Craig). Bond is tied up in a chair at the time. After Silva feels Bond’s leg, Bond looks at him and says, “You think this is my first time?” It’s a quip, and it’s designed to take the villain aback – Bond is telling the villain that he can’t be thrown by a gay come-on.

But the left has gone all breathless over this line. Could Bond be gay?

The UK Daily Mail is already speculating that perhaps Bond plays for both teams:

The actor, who takes on the role of the suave British agent in the latest installment Skyfall, was forced to comment after the chemistry between him and Javier Bardem's character Raoul Silva sparked speculation about Bond's sexuality.

This, of course, led Craig to do what he’s supposed to do: announce that Bond isn’t gay. He hasn’t been gay for the last fifty years. Co-star Naomie Harris, though, says that perhaps one day Bond will be gay. “I think everything is open,” she said. “Who knows?!” She even suggested that Bond could be played by a woman at some point.

The left’s insistence on playing with gender roles reaches the ridiculous here. Is Mozart’s Don Giovanni gay? Could he be played by a woman? How about Jane Eyre? Could she be a lesbian? Or be played by a man?

This insistence that every character could be straight or gay, man or woman, is asinine. The left has insisted for decades that sexuality is entirely defined by biology. And yet when it comes to our favorite movie characters, their sexuality is as fluid as humanly possible. Television characters like Marissa on The OC float between heterosexuality and homosexuality with the ease of a sports fan switching team allegiances. More ease, actually. Usually, they do this during sweeps week.

When it comes to the world of comics, the creators do the same thing. The Green Lantern? Now he’s gay. How about Batwoman? She became a lesbian. The left insists that sexuality is the key to one’s identity – but the identity is not key to sexuality. So Superman could be gay. Why not?

And thus we now get to talk about whether James Bond could be gay. The answer: of course not. You could create a gay MI6 spy. But he would not be James Bond. Bond is Bond because he’s so traditionally masculine. He is a lethal weapon designed to fulfill his mission. He’s a womanizer. He occasionally falls in love (Casino Royale). But he certainly isn’t going to come out to M anytime soon.

The left’s treatment of Bond shows that they want to treat sexuality both ways: as an immutable characteristic, like race, and as a perfectly mutable characteristic that allows them to hijack popular figures. They argue the alternatives based on convenience. But in the end, they undermine their own credibility in the process.

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