Reading Horowitz

My short list.

While putting together my collected writings, which will be published in 10 volumes starting this spring (Title: The Black Book of the American Left), it occurred to me that I have written so much that readers may have trouble figuring out where to start. So I put together this short list of what I think are the books of mine that will most repay the investment and time. The first four are the books I think of as my best and most rewarding literary efforts along with “Unnecessary Losses,” the autobiographical section of The Politics of Bad Faith. Of course I’ve also written specialized books, e.g., on race, higher education, the war in Iraq, etc. which will be of more interest to readers looking for information and analysis on those subjects. But these are the ones I recommend:

  1. Radical Son
  2. The End of Time
  3. A Point In Time
  4. A Cracking of the Heart
  5. Radicals: Portraits of a Destructive Passion
  6. The Politics of Bad Faith
  7. Unholy Alliance
  8. Reforming Our Universities

I have also published a collection called Left Illusions, which includes writings from every stage of my  intellectual career through 2003 when it was published. It includes a comprehensive bibliography and excellent introductory study of my life and work by Jamie Glazov who edited the book. --DH