New York Times Encourages Attacks Against Jews

After recent violence, the Gray Lady provides a platform for those calling for a third intifada.

The New York Times has crossed the line this weekend by encouraging Palestinian Arabs to embark upon a “third intifada” against Israel with an article by Ben Ehrenreich titled “If There is a Third Intifada, We Want to be the Ones who Started It.” This article is tantamount to calling upon the Arabs to kill Jews.  Against the backdrop of Thursday’s rock attack where a two-year-old Israeli was severely injured with brain injuries when the car she was in veered off the road as a direct results of Arab youth throwing rocks, one wonders where is the decency of the NYT? Rock attacks have caused deaths and serious injuries on Israel’s roads for decades.

The New York Times Magazine celebrated the people who consider their rock attacks “non-violent,” defining them as “peaceful protestors.” Rock-throwers aren’t “peaceful” – anywhere in the world. To even allow Ehrenreich to write an article, rather than an op-ed shows the inherent bias of this outlet.

A few years ago, Ehrenreich wrote an article for The Los Angeles Times called “Zionism is the Problem” where he attacked “the Zionist tenets on which the state [of Israel] is founded.” He continued, “The problem is functional - Founding a modern state on a single ethnic or religious identity in a territory that is ethnically and religiously diverse leads inexorably either to politics of exclusion or to wholesale ethnic cleansing. Put simply, the problem is Zionism.” He continued, “If two decades ago comparisons to the South African apartheid system felt like hyperbole, they now feel charitable.”

He doesn’t believe in Zionism, considers Israel worse than apartheid South African – yet is writing a cover story for supposedly non-biased media. Israel is portrayed in this spiteful article as the superpower – rather than the underdog surrounded by Arab Muslims. One wonders what would happen if a group of teenagers threw rocks, boulders, and homemade explosive devices at police in the streets of London, Tokyo or New York. Would they not be shot by police, as they should be?

Why is it that in Israel the authorities are painted as the bad guys for enforcing the law against rock-throwers?

As CEO of a PR firm that works with worldwide media, I was outraged at Ehrenreich’s propaganda, which included the following:

“A framed image of Jerusalem's Al Aqsa Mosque hung above the television (more out of nationalist pride than piety: Bassem's outlook was thoroughly secular).”

Jerusalem is the center of Israel, the eternal capital of the Jewish people.  As Ehrenreich proves (yet doesn’t state), these so-called protestors want to destroy Israel “piece by piece.” They don’t want peace.

“Taking up arms wasn't, for Bassem, a moral error so much as a strategic one. He and everyone else I spoke with in the village insisted they had the right to armed resistance.”

Taking up arms means blowing up buses of innocent Jews – and these people don’t condemn it.  As Israel has repeatedly said, there’s essentially no difference between Hamas and the PLO.  Their desire remains the destruction of the Jewish state.

"[T]hey formed what is known as the 'popular resistance,' a loosely coordinated effort that has maintained what has arguably been the only form of active and organized resistance to the Israeli presence in the West Bank since the end of the second intifada in 2005. 'If there is a third intifada,' he said, 'we want to be the ones who started it.'"

Intifadas kill thousands and encourage violence.  As a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces said, these protests are "violent and illegal rioting that take place around Judea and Samaria, and where large rocks, Molotov cocktails, improvised grenades and burning tires are used against security forces. Dubbing these simply demonstrations is an understatement[.]" The Times is simply encouraging this violence.

“It was strange, asymmetric combat: a few dozen masked shebab ranging in age from 8 to 38, armed with slings and stones, against 20 or more soldiers in armored vehicles and on foot, dressed in helmets and body armor, toting radios and automatic weapons. The shebab put a great deal of thought into tactics, trying to flank and surprise the soldiers.”

These words seem lifted from a Palestinian action book. Ben Ehrenreich and his socialist, atheist mother Barbara Ehrenreich live on the West Coast in the US – Why don’t they gather some friends and throw rocks at soldiers in the city of their choice out there?

"'We see our stones as our message,' Bassem explained. Yet, he 'didn't worry over whether stone-throwing counted as violence.' Bassem said, 'Our sign is the stone.'"

As the new Israeli Cabinet member Naftali Bennett said, “Rocks kill… Some people take rock throwing lightly, and prevent action against them. Rock throwers are trying to murder and they need to be treated accordingly.” Rock-throwers are indeed terrorists who should be treated as such in Israel – and everywhere else in the world.

Articles like Ehrenreich's lead to Jews being killed. While the Arabs are masters of Public Relations they stage protests to damage Israel and continue to use violence against Israel.  They are brainwashing people and these words have grave consequences.

The Palestinian Arabs have massacred Jewish men, women and children before there was a state of Israel, and they don’t need the media to encourage them to continue to do so.  After all the pogroms, crusades, and the Holocaust, can’t the Jew just live without media encouraging attacks against them?

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