Criminal Illegal Aliens to Receive Amnesty

Even those with multiple misdemeanor convictions will be eligible for immediate legal status under Gang of 8 plan.

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Announce Major Agreement On Immigration ReformAn obscure portion of the new immigration bill authored and negotiated by the bipartisan so-called "Gang of 8" will allow illegal aliens with multiple misdemeanor convictions to still qualify for immediate legal status and potentially even citizenship down the road.

According to the pertinent portion of the text, those with three or more misdemeanor convictions no longer qualify for immediate legalized status under the new bill. Grounds for ineligibility status include anyone with one or more felony convictions along with three or more misdemeanor convictions. As the text states, only those with "3 or more misdemeanor offense (other than minor traffic offenses or State or local offenses for which an essential element was the alien’s immigration status or violation of this Act) if the alien was convicted on different dates for each of the 3 offenses" will be ineligible.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama (R), whose office released this portion of the text, slammed this directive stating that it will lead to criminals being able to gain legal status in a press release.

Alarmingly, the bill leaves intact the single greatest obstacle to immigration reform: the Administration’s abuse of prosecutorial discretion to prevent the enforcement of federal law. It will also provide safe harbor to those who have committed a variety of offenses—ranging from identity theft, to multiple immigration violations, and even those with criminal records.

Front Page Magazine reached out to the offices of Senators Marco Rubio and Chuck Schumer for comment as well, but no message was returned as of the publication of this article.

In December 2012, the Obama administration first reclassified the definition of a dangerous criminal illegal alien as an individual convicted of three rather than one misdemeanor. In that case, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) directive to all ICE agents redefined priorities for all agents to only focus on investigating individuals with at least three misdemeanor convictions.

If passed, this bill will immediately legalize all those illegal aliens who qualify, including those with two misdemeanor convictions or less. The bill further provides a pathway to citizenship which should take a minimum of ten years and presumably will include a number of triggers for border security. The bill also calls for a number of border security measures, including full implementation of the E Verify system, money to build a border fence for the Southern border, as well as extra resources to hire more border patrol agents.

While analysts have focused on the dynamic between the enforcement portions of the bill and how they will interact with the amnesty portions, most observers have assumed that dangerous illegal aliens will all be deported. This latest revelation puts that assumption into question, and that should also be considered and fully explained before any votes on this bill are taken.

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