President Obama, Please Don’t Audit Me and 5WPR

A chilling revelation for business-owners from the IRS.

irs-audit-red-flags-the-dirty-dozenMy PR firm, 5WPR, represents multiple Russian businessmen, one of whom asked me last year how I can have a successful business yet write for outlets like FrontPage Magazine.  As a born and bred American, I laughed – and naturally told him, “You ain’t in Russia anymore.”  Last year, when a man I greatly respect, self-made billionaire Sheldon Adelson, said a second Obama term would bring government “vilification of people that were against him,” I listened. When he said that people who opposed Obama would be targeted, I remember it, as Adelson is a man who understands the streets and reality of realpolitik.

This week, truly terrifying news for anyone who believes in liberty was revealed when the IRS finally admitted that conservative organizations were unfairly targeted and audited by the IRS during the 2012 election. Undoubtedly, they only admitted it because it was about to be blown wide open publicly.

Even until today, their excuses are flimsy and are reminiscent of either a bad movie or the cooperation we often read of between Russian politicians and police outfits.  First, the IRS still ridiculously claims there wasn’t political bias in the audits, yet the organizations that were targeted were universally conservative and devoted to reducing government spending and taxes. No one can name a single non-conservative organization which was targeted – yet, in Obama’s America it’s a non-political operation.

The IRS claims junior-level employees took this action unilaterally, and those of us who are business-people would naturally find such a claim to be absurd.  If a private business owner were to have employees practice discrimination, wouldn’t they be responsible in a court of law? Wouldn’t they be penalized, face huge losses and the like? Yet, of course in government one wonders if so-called senior employees are ever cognizant of anything.

As Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ said, it's “McCarthyism” – and a deliberate targeting and harassment of conservative organizations.  This is the continued attack upon freedom and liberty by people who want to impose their will upon the rest of us.  It's liberal practice at its finest – they are liberal on everything except for the right to disagree with them.

During the 2012 election, we could have observed the story of billionaire Frank VanderSloot, who donated over a million to the Mitt Romney campaign – and according to media reports raised up to $5 million for Romney’s campaign.  He was labeled by Obama election propaganda as a “Presidential enemy,” and shortly this American businessman – who has never before had legal issues -- was audited by the Labor Department and IRS. Putin may admire these tactics.

Moreover, on the heels of learning that the IRS is a political tool of the federal government, the new Obamacare, government-run health insurance system similarly calls upon the government and IRS to watch over American citizens.  Under the new regulations, the IRS is mandated to verify that all Americans have acceptable health coverage – and if they don’t then the IRS can impose new taxes.  They can also audit the taxpayer and add interest and penalties on top of the taxes. Surely this will hurt employers and the “wealthy” -- but we should know and trust the government not to discriminate, right? After all, this is America, the land of the free?

And in America in the year 2013 there are many other ways one can see Obama’s McCarthyism in place. Naturally, according to these liberals, monitoring Middle Easterners is offensive, so 3-year-olds are patted down by TSA agents in airports. Re-enter the U.S. from a foreign trip lately? Customs makes every American feel like they are a Columbian drug lord sneaking something into the country. They make every American feel like a criminal entering an enemy state. (Be reassured, last month, the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to relax customs for travelers from Saudi Arabia).

It has never been harder to legally own a gun in the United States.  Yet Obama can order the killing of any American citizen anywhere in the world as he sees fit. All of this smacks of pure and simple political thuggery – something one may have seen in another time in Chicago. Yet, there is complete silence from all of the civil liberty organizations – as of course it is the federal government abusing conservatives. Would it not be right to have people stand up now for freedom?

I don’t hope for much from Obama’s “hope and change” – although I do hope as a columnist for FrontPage Mag that 5WPR and I, Ronn Torossian, don’t get audited.

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