Campus Roundup: Supporting Daddy Dearest

Millikin University stands behind professor despite revelation that he slaughtered his family.

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Top Stories:

  • Upon learning the startling and disturbing news that award-winning Professor James St. James, the head of their Department of Behavioral Sciences at Millikin University in Illinois, gunned down his entire family as a teenager and spent years in a mental institution, the University has refused to take action against the professor.  St. James was found not guilty of his crimes by reason of insanity and later changed his name after being released from psychiatric care. The revelations about his criminal past came to light only last month.
  • The left-wing media seized on a story purportedly proving that McDonalds could double wages for all its workers by raising the cost of its menu items only 17%.  The Huffington Post, which first ran the story, was forced to retract it when further investigation revealed that the “study” it was based on was written by Arnobio Morelix, an undergraduate at the University of Kansas who falsely identified himself as a researcher for the school and cited the work of another student as a “research assistant.” Despite these revelations, some media outlets still refused to retract or correct their coverage.
  • Lizarda Urena, a mother of students at Concord High School in New Hampshire, has been told that she will no longer be able to recite Bible passages on the steps of the school as she has been doing since February. Urena’s prayers on the steps were inspired by reports that bullets were found in one of the school’s toilets. She prays for the safety of the students at the school.
  • George Mason University’s campus chapter of “Students Against Israeli Apartheid” hosted a “Day of Anger” outside of the headquarters of the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC. Dozens of students attended. One George Mason student participating claimed that “Jews have had their golden age under Muslim rule,”  and said that he did not support “the continuation” of Israel “because of what it means for my people and the perpetuation of the cruelty they have had for my people.”

Further News from the Campuses:

The Left’s Attack on Hillsdale College []

Liberals hate Michigan’s Hillsdale College, which not only celebrates a decidedly conservative point of view, but also galls them by refusing to take government funding — which means they have no way of threatening Hillsdale and trying to force it to fall in line.

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University of Pennsylvania Professor: 'God is a White Racist' []

In the wake of the not guilty verdict against George Zimmerman some decry personal racism by the jury members, others blame institutional racism in the American judicial system, while at least one university professor blames The Almighty for being "a white racist god" as reported by the BizPac Review on July 15, 2013.

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‘Jews Had Their Golden Age Under Muslim Rule’ Says Anti-Israel Student Protester [Campus Reform]

Dozens of students decried the state of Israel at a “Day of Anger” rally outside the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC) headquarters in Washington D.C., on Thursday.

“Jews have had their golden age under Muslim rule,”  said Mohammad Abou-Ghazala, a student from nearby George Mason University, who identified as a Muslim.

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School District To Launch ‘Trayvon Martin Dialogues’ [The College Fix]

“Trayvon Martin dialogues” are slated to launch at middle and high schools across San Diego, with elected officials of the 132,000-student public school district saying they hope the talks give students a chance to vent their frustrations into something positive.

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Public University Students Unable to Answer Questions from Test Designed for 8th Graders [Campus Reform]

Students at Denver’s Metropolitan State University were unable to answer questions taken from a basic knowledge test administered to 8th graders in 1912, which was reprinted by Smithsonian Magazine earlier this month.

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New Hampshire District Tells Mom She Can No Longer Pray on School's Steps [Associated Press]

CONCORD, N.H. –  The longstanding argument over school prayer is being tested in New Hampshire, where a school district has told a mother she can no longer pray on the steps of her children's high school.

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Ark. Attorney General Says School Must Name Teachers in Gun Program [Associated Press]

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. –  An Arkansas school district that trained more than 20 teachers and staff to carry concealed handguns on campus through a program that faces questions over its legality was wrong to make secret the names of the employees, the state's top attorney said Monday.

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Fat-Shaming Professor Faces Censure From University []

Geoffrey Miller, a psychology professor, has been censured by the University of New Mexico, two months after he sent out a fat-shaming Twitter post that caused an angry Internet uproar.

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Illinois University Backs Psych Professor Even After Learning He Murdered Family in 1967 []

An Illinois university is standing behind an award-winning psychology professor, despite the new revelation he gunned down his parents and sister when he was a teenager, spent time in a mental institution and changed his name.

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What It's Like to be a Conservative on a Liberal College Campus []

Usually a website with a bit of a liberal bias, Buzzfeed, came out with an article of memes expressing what it feels like to be a conservative college student on a liberal campus. They actually got this one right! Only being a few years out of college myself and having attended a very liberal school, Buzzfeed definitely is spot on with this story.

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Top 20 Schools With the Most Conservative Student Bodies in the U.S. [Red Alert Politics]

Students headed to these 20 schools this fall might want to make sure to pack their National Rifle Association membership cards, as according to The Princeton Review these are among the most conservative universities in the nation.

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Moving to the Taft Mansion, a Yale Conservative Group Seeks a National Presence [NY Times]

NEW HAVEN — William Howard Taft was not born there; he did not live or even die there. But for a few years, the 27th president did own the house at 111 Whitney Avenue in New Haven, and that association has conferred on the structure a certain historical gravitas.

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