A Message from the Ghost of Neville Chamberlain

What would the Hitler-appeasing premier say to Obama regarding the Iran nuke deal?

Picture 1Sympathies must go out to the Iranian people for the economic strain they were placed under as a result of sanctions.  Now that there has been an offer to Iran by the U.S. and five world powers, commerce can begin once again. The 35 percent inflation and 13 percent unemployment for the poor, oppressed Iranian people will soon be alleviated.

America should understand that Iran will continue to pursue its right to nuclear energy – naturally, for peaceful purposes.  No one can deny the right of Iran to continue to do what other countries do in their people’s best interests. America should realize that one can only make peace with one's enemies. With one's friends there is no need to make peace.  There is no military solution to the problems of any conflict and bloodshed is never an option.  As we know already, there is really no need to discuss “red lines.” After Syria, we should make certain that we don’t even discuss threatening people. Military force serves no role in the post-modern universe. It is passé.  It is archaic.

And as President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan has told us, American threats to leave the region are a bluff. As he said, “The U.S. has come and will not go, brother. It does not go. Therefore, ask for your demands and don’t worry.”  The United States does not want to leave – so let’s stop bluffing.

America must encourage the entire world to continue to give in to anyone who threatens force, and it should consider rescinding foreign aid as punishment for any country that challenges Iran.  This will begin to restore Iranian honor, which is so important in that part of the world. America and the world must meet all the demands of the Iranian people in full.  In addition, Iran must be offered many billions of dollars for even discussing its nuclear program. Today, consumer interests dominate the world, and the Islamist activists of the earth will surely make peace in exchange for profits from participating in global trade.

Civilized nations -- America and the United Kingdom and others -- must negotiate even while under attack.  Conditioning negotiations on an end to violence is a no-win situation.  It will simply extend the bloodshed.  If someone were to actually attack enemies, it would simply expand and enlarge the cycle of violence.

Retaliation will no doubt injure some innocent children and civilians, which will enrage the rest of the world and make the victims seek revenge. Violence will only create more violence, and hence, lose the window of opportunity to make peace. America should immediately declare a unilateral ceasefire.  The entire world will congratulate America, surely.

Give peace a chance, and you’ll of course win repeated Noble Peace prizes. Do not allow yourself to be drawn down into the gutter of retaliation. Violence never achieves anything.  History has no lessons. History is the dead past. Demonstrate humanity by paying pensions to any widows and orphans of terrorists who harm America.

Peace in our time is attainable.


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