Media Bias: Robert Spencer Interview As It Really Happened — And As It Was Reported

SBS TV in Australia goes to work to denigrate foes of jihad.

spenOn Friday, March 7, Robert Spencer was interviewed by Australia’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) TV about the Stop Islamization of Nations/Q Society Conference on Liberty and Islam, which was held in Melbourne that weekend and featured Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish, Ashraf Ramelah of Voice of the Copts, and the Israeli scholar Mordechai Kedar.

The Q Society is Australia’s foremost counter-jihad group. A Q Society operative filmed the interview with Spencer. In the video below you first see the raw footage of the actual interview, and then the report that SBS ran that night — which for the mainstream media, wasn’t as relentlessly and shamelessly biased as many others.

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