Whose Conspiracy? - by David Horowitz

The return of the Clintons’ inventions.


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Question: What’s the difference between the Clintons’ “vast right wing conspiracy” and Joe McCarthy’s “conspiracy so immense”?  Actually, and despite a lot of liberal obfuscation on the subject, the conspiracy McCarthy was referring to was real. The Communist Party was a conspiratorial organization by any definition of the term and was run (and financed) by Moscow, America’s mortal enemy at the time. There is no disputing these facts.

Hillary’s conspiracy on the other hand (and Bill’s this weekend) are the Clintons’ inventions. Or rather invention, since Bill’s remarks today are about the alleged conspiracy to which Hillary referred. That conspiracy was supposed to have fraudulently concocted Bill’s liason with Monica — the phrase was in fact a claim that Bill’s adulteries with which Hillary was entirely familiar were made up out of whole cloth by “the vast right wing conspiracy” in order to discredit her husband and defeat his progressive agendas.

Hillary was lying both about the affair and about  right-wingers making it up. So Bill’s new lie — also a claim that the conspirators are out to thwart Obama’s progressive agendas — is just a doubling down to deflect attention from the disaster that Obama’s presidency is rapidly becoming. Funny that the witch-hunt which the Clinton are attempting to incite is unnoticed by the same liberals — uh progressives — who have pretended all these years that the communist conspiracy never existed. (And just in case there are any trolls from the Village Voicelurking — this doesn’t mean I think McCarthy did no wrong.)