Putin's Obama Game

A Russian thugocrat outwits and humiliates a Radical-in-Chief over and over again.

obama putin romneyEpic Fail.

That would be a generous way to describe Obama’s consistent foreign policy failures – and currently, most dangerously with Russia, where we see the highest-level of tensions since the end of the Cold War.

While Obama is an uber-arrogant failure, so many wise people have recognized the errors of his ways.  Take Nile Gardiner, Ph.D., Jack Spencer, Luke Coffey and Nicolas Loris, who recently wrote that,

“The failure of the Obama Administration’s Russian 'reset,' the unilateral disarming of Europe, and the U.S. reduction of forces and disengagement from Europe have led Russia to calculate that the West will not respond in any significant way.”

Simply, as they continued,

“The Obama Doctrine has been a monumental failure because it fails to protect and advance U.S. interests. It is the antithesis of Ronald Reagan’s bold approach, which was based on powerful American leadership on the world stage, including a willingness to stand up firmly to America’s adversaries. Perhaps even worse, many of America’s traditional allies are questioning America’s resolve with respect to transatlantic relations and NATO’s security guarantee.”

Kim Zigfeld is right saying,

“Obama promised us that in exchange for appeasement we’d get Russian help reining in Iran. What we actually got was Russian opposition to U.S. interests, not just in Iran but throughout the Middle East, from Libya to Syria.”

While Obama is so soft on foreign policy, he is harsh with those in America who disagree with him – as Morgan Brittany, the actress and political commentator said,

“It seems that the Obama administration and the Democrats like Harry Reid are hell-bent on persecuting, harassing and demonizing American citizens while foreign dictators, aggressors and terrorists get little, if any pushback.”

Undoubtedly, Putin is a public relations genius; his popularity is at an all-time high. The man also wisely utilizes both foreign and domestic media. (Who can forget that Putin wrote a September 2013 op-ed in the New York Times, which urged the American people to oppose a U.S. initiative for military strikes in Syria -- and his mission succeeded.)

And meanwhile, as Steve Huntley notes,

“Obama has done little to mobilize public opinion, mostly confining himself to public warnings to Putin, with little effect. Putin annexed Crimea, had his troops overwhelm Ukrainian forces there and massed Russian soldiers along Ukraine’s eastern border, raising fears of a further invasion.”

While Putin continues to win the media war, in the last few days, he has threatened to start charging Ukraine in advance for natural gas supplies, and he continues to justify Russia's military action to foreign media -- as his troops move forward in Ukraine. This is not a surprise for a man who has said that the collapse of the Soviet empire "was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century." Putin is winning the media war, which makes it much harder for world leaders to stand up to him.

Similarly, one must not forget that Putin has a keen understanding of the importance of foreign media. He wrote a September 2013 op-ed in the New York Times, which urged the American people to oppose a U.S. initiative for military strikes in Syria -- and his mission succeeded.  It was a stroke of genius arranging for Edward Snowden to call-in to a recent press conference. Putin does a strong job of sending the message that he is a valiant protector of Russian honor against American interference – and Putin is playing chess – and winning on issues large and small, including Edward Snowden, Syria, and Iran.

Obama foolishly said only a month ago that, “our approach in the United States is not to see these as some Cold-War chessboard in which we're in competition with Russia."

As Senator John McCain has rightfully noted, Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to succeed in having "played us so incredibly." And as Ambassador John Bolton affirms: "Putin at this point holds all the high cards — and all we have from the president is rhetoric."

Putin is playing America – and Obama is dazed, confused and clueless. It is painful and simply sickening to watch.

Watching the recent press conference where Putin spoke about the need to first marry off his ex-wife before discussing “a new first lady,” I couldn’t help but think if he would marry someone who said – as did Obama’s wife, that “People in this country are ready for change and hungry for a different kind of politics and … for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country…”

Putin regularly is taunting Obama.

Are the Obamas now proud of this America? There has never been a time America has had less respect in the world.

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