David Horowitz Freedom Center Launches IsraelRevolt.org

Our new site will expose stories the mainstream media won’t about Israel and its enemies – and will call its enemies by their right names.

kotel1967Welcome to the all-new IsraelRevolt.org!

The launch of IsraelRevolt.org has been months in the making. Now it’s here, bringing you the latest and hottest coverage of Israel news, commentary from such luminaries as Caroline Glick, Robert Spencer, and Daniel Greenfield, among others, and pushback against anti-Israel bias in the media, on campus and in the non-profit world. IsraelRevolt.org’s team of reporters is dedicated to exposing stories the mainstream media won’t about Israel and its enemies – and to calling its enemies by their right names: Jew haters.

Israel isn’t just an issue for Jews and Christians across the globe. It’s an issue for anyone who believes in moral clarity. The fight between Israel and its enemies is a fight between light and darkness, and those who obscure that clear dichotomy undermine not only truth, but decency. Israel is a bastion of freedom, democracy, and human rights; its enemies are Islamist fascists and their morally relativistic enablers. The fight on behalf of Israel is the fight on behalf of Western civilization. We understand that, and we will never stop the war on its behalf.

That’s why IsraelRevolt.org isn’t just a news site. It’s a fighting site. We are looking to create a pro-Israel army – and we can’t wait for you to join it!

Israel Revolt has already been underway, quietly, on the home page of TruthRevolt.org. You’ve seen our coverage of issues ranging from the Combined Jewish Philanthropies’ sponsorship of a student trip to Yassar Arafat’s grave to our battle against the Metropolitan Opera’s presentation of the anti-Semitic opera The Death of Klinghoffer. Our thousands of activists have already fought back against anti-Semitism at NYU and anti-free speech crackdowns at Brandeis. We – I personally – have fought back against the sickening and morally bankrupt boycott, divest, sanctions movement against Israel. And we are winning.

But Israel Revolt demanded its own dedicated space. That’s what this is. We look forward to your participation in this fight. Because without you, the battle would be lost; with you, it can’t be.

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