Iran Remains a Danger to the World

A dangerous deadline approaches.

Hassan RouhaniWith the July 20 “deadline” for a nuclear agreement between Iran and the rest of the world, the world must remain strong on the dangers which Iran poses.  Despite the weakness of certain world leaders, Iran remains a vast danger.

Some important statements to remember:

  •  “Today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world has taken a significant step toward attaining the most dangerous weapon in the world.” Benjamin Netanyahu
  • “Iran continues to aggressively expand its nuclear program, and funnel troops and weapons into Syria.” David Meyers
  • Iran is Russia’s strategic ally, not ours. As a matter of fact, Iran is the exact opposite of a strategic ally to the United States of America. It has pledged itself to our destruction.” Christine O’Donnell
  • “Regime brutality against the majority Sunni population of Syria and intervention by foreign Shia forces (Iranian and Hezbollah) have attracted a far larger and more dangerous group of jihadis than ever existed in Afghanistan, one whose threat to European and American allies and interests keeps growing.” Elliott Abrams
  • “I would not negotiate with Iran, they are not our friends, they’ll try to use this as leverage to have a nuclear weapon.” John Barrasso
  • “The military intelligence sources I know look at the ISIL as a crucial threat to the whole region, including Israel, with its success encouraging jihadist and al-Qaida groups, including those facing us on the Syrian border.” Moshe Maoz
  •  “If there is one message that needs to be put out today, it is not to let Iran, on the sidelines of this conflict in Iraq, have nuclear weapons capability because sooner or later – and it’s sooner rather than later – they’ll have atomic bombs.” Binyamin Netanyahu
  • “Make no mistake, a nuclear Iran will make the world a more dangerous place.” Ted Poe
  • “We're another step closer to a nuclear-1914 scenario in the Middle East or elsewhere. If we cannot say 'no' to Iran -- a country, by the way, that's repeatedly violated the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, international nuclear inspections and U.N. Security Council resolutions -- then good luck getting countries who haven't broken any rules, including some of America's allies and partners, to refrain from getting enrichment and reprocessing or, perhaps eventually, nuclear weapons.” Robert Zarate
  • “If Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, the risk is unacceptable that that weapon will be detonated over the skies of Tel Aviv or New York or Los Angeles. And the result could be hundreds of thousands of lives lost.” Ted Cruz
  • “I see ISIS as a direct threat to the United States, they have the capacity, and I believe they have the intent. They have stated in, in terms of their opposition and the whole Western world.” John Barrasso
  • “Given the unfortunate results of these most recent negotiations, it is difficult to place much faith in such rosy scenarios -- especially as the existential threat represented by a nuclear-armed Iran makes North Korea pale by comparison.” Ted Cruz
  • “It is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
  • “I have thought many times that Iran isn't merely the most dangerous terrorist nation on earth -- it is the most dangerous nation on earth, period.” John G. Weldon
  • “The president’s view of the Iranians, I’m completely off-script with him there. That was so disappointing. The world is literally about to blow up and our president did not really paint a fair picture of the threats.” Sen. Lindsey Graham
  • “The United States must stand up and protect itself and its allies. Iran is already a threat to global world order and peace. It antagonizes Israel, trains terrorists, and wreaks havoc throughout the Middle East.” Ted Poe
  • “The theocracy that runs Iran is the equivalent of having al-Qaeda in charge of a country.” Rick Santorum
  • “Iran has a number of demands — reducing sanctions, getting the U.N. to back off nuclear inspections, ending democracy promotion efforts, minimizing Israel’s efforts to contain Iran-funded Hezbollah, and so forth.” Christine O’Donnell
  • “The prospect of Iran acquiring nuclear weapon capacity is the gravest national security threat we face, yet it appears that this 'deal' does not require Iran to dismantle even a single centrifuge or turn over even a single pound of enriched uranium.” Daniel Halper
  • “[If Iran acquires] nuclear weapons, I think we could have Armageddon.” Senator John McCain
  •  “If President Obama continues his failed policy, Iran will build a nuclear weapon, expand its support for international terror and continue to support the murder of innocent people in Syria, Israel, Europe and the United States.” David Meyers
  • “We’re now allowing Iran to keep all of its building blocks for a nuclear weapon because it promised to suspend its nuclear program for 6 months. Why are we trusting the word of a country with a history of terrorist-financing and an agenda to destroy Israel?” Ted Poe
  • “Unfortunately, even after a devastating conventional attack by Israel, Iran, potentially, could continue to remain the most dangerous nation on the planet -- but not because of its copious history of murderous terrorist activities and trouble-making around the world ever since the Islamic revolution of 1979. It is because of what its leaders believe -- in an ultimate sense -- and what they expect to finally accomplish.” John G. Weldon

A nuclear Iran must be stopped.

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