Dr. Mark Durie on "Islam vs. Human Conscience" -- on The Glazov Gang

Leading scholar of Islam discusses Islam’s war on human moral judgment in a special two-part series.

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This special two-part Glazov Gang series was joined by Dr. Mark Durie, a theologian, human rights activist, pastor of an Anglican church, and an Associate Fellow at the Middle East Forum, joined the show.

Dr. Durie joined the show to discuss "Islam vs. Human Conscience," analyzing how Islam wages war on humans moral judgment and intuition. The focus on this phenomenon occurs in Part I below (starting at 5:30 mark). The dialogue transpired within the context of Boko Haram's kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls in Nigeria and the Islamic roots of that barbaric act. Dr. Durie shed light on the Islamic theology that inspires and sanctions Muslims to enslave and rape kafir women.

In Part II below, Dr. Durie discusses,"Female Genital Mutilation and Islam-Denial," analyzing how the world blinds itself to the Islamic theological foundation of a vicious Islamic crime [starts at 11:00 mark]. Our guest focuses on this issue within the context of "Our 'Tend and Befriend' Response to Jihad," -- the phenomenon of how Islamic terror has traumatized the West into psychological slavery.

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Part I:

Part II:

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