The Judenrein Port of Oakland

Radical leftists, anarchists, fascists and Islamists join forces to block Jewish goods from entering America.

Port_of_Oakland_Israel’s recent counter-insurgency campaign against the Hamas terror group has left the organization battered and bruised. Despite Hamas’s cynical exploitation of Gaza’s civilian population, the Israeli Defense Forces outfought and outsmarted the genocidal organization. Close to three dozen terror tunnels were destroyed and nearly 1,000 terrorists were killed. In addition, 2/3 of Hamas’s rocket stockpiles have been depleted and, unlike in years past, Hamas will have a tough time restocking thanks in part to greater Egyptian vigilance in monitoring the border with Gaza.

Having lost on the field of battle – for the tenth time – the Israel haters and assorted anti-Semites have resorted to other methods in an attempt to inflict damage. Europe has witnessed a surge of anti-Semitism not seen since the ascent of the Third Reich. In France and throughout Europe, Jewish shops, synagogues and other institutions were torched and vandalized as the police stood helplessly on the sidelines.

Judeophobia is to be expected in Europe where growing Muslim populations have asserted their power and have become increasingly radicalized. Chants of “Hitler was right,” “Jews to the gas,” “Allahuakbar” and “Heil Hitler” have become commonplace. But what was once limited to Europe and the Muslim Middle East is now crossing the Atlantic and creeping its way into the Land of the Free & the Home of the Brave.

In Oakland, California, a motley assortment of radical leftists, anarchists, fascists and Islamists have found common ground and banded together in a scheme to prevent an Israeli ship from unloading its cargo at an Oakland port. The list of participating groups includes such lunatic outfits as “Queers Undermining Israeli Terror” and “Totally Radical Muslims.” It makes no difference that if given the chance, members of the latter group would likely behead members of the former – ISIS style – to shrieks of “Allhuakbar.” Nothing brings people of divergent viewpoints closer together than good old-fashioned Jew-hatred. The communists and the fascists, the “queers” and the radical Islamists, have temporarily put aside their squabbles to first deal with the greater evil – those pesky Jews.

A Facebook event, misleadingly called “Block The (sic) Boat for Gaza” calls for preventing an Israeli cargo ship from the Israeli-owned Zim shipping company from docking and unloading its cargo. If those organizing the event were honest as to their ultimate intentions and objectives, they would have appropriately named the event “Block the Boat for Genocide against the Jews.”

The event organizers utilize the same banalities often employed by anti-Semites to defame and smear Israel. The word “Apartheid” is prominently featured and liberally peppered throughout the Facebook screed. Of course, there is no mention of the slaughter in Syria with upwards of 200,000 killed, the massacres in western and northern Iraq, the carnage in Libya, Iranian nuclear proliferation, and continued victimization of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

There is no need to point out the hypocrisy of those who stand against Israel. Whether at the United Nations Human Rights Council, Gaza, Eurabia or Oakland, vitriolic hatred of Jews is as ingrained as it is irrational. Reasoning with those who wish to see the destruction of the Jewish State and perpetrate a second Holocaust is pointless.

Thankfully, however, the United States is not Europe. Pro-Israel sentiment remains at peak levels and if anything, the Gaza conflict has only served to reinforce pro-Israel attitudes among the American constituency. The war has served to underscore the difference between a humane army that seeks to avoid civilian casualties at risk to their own soldiers and a barbaric, medieval terrorist group that employs human shields and seeks to maximize both Israeli and Gazan civilian casualties.

Like most Boycott Divestment & Sanctions endeavors, this initiative in Oakland is destined to fail. Various attempts by the BDS movement to prevent celebrities from visiting Israel and promote divesture initiatives in academic institutions have largely been met with abysmal failure. But the failure of BDS to get off the ground does not mean that we should remain complacent; on the contrary, BDS has been thwarted due to an active, motivated and well-informed vocal opposition. If we are to maintain the upper hand against those who wish to impose fascism and perpetuate evil, those laudable anti-BDS activities must continue and intensify.

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