Excerpts from David Horowitz's 'Take No Prisoners'

Unveiling the battle plan for defeating the Left.

611d4mEhzuL._SL300_Editor's note: Below are select excerpts from Freedom Center President David Horowitz's new book, "Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left."

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On the failure of the Republican Party to answer the Democrats’ accusations:

Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the last six presidential elections, yet they seem unable to learn basic facts from their losses. Year after year and election after election, the Democrats’ campaign themes are monotonously the same. They scare voters by accusing Republicans of imaginary crimes. And always the same crimes: Republicans wage wars on women, on minorities, and on the vulnerable. They defend the rich and don’t care about the poor. Their policies inflict pain on working families to benefit the wealthy few. Year after year, the Democrats repeat these attacks, and year after year, Republicans fail to come up with effective responses. Worse, they don’t present voters with answers that neutralize the attacks, or take the battle to the enemy camp. (p. 1)

On how the Republican Party can become effective again:

In losing the political war over Iraq, Republicans lost the national security narrative, which is why they are tongue-tied today when it comes to issues of war and peace. Call it the ‘Iraq War Syndrome.’… Three years later, when Obama delivered Iraq to Iran, no Republican accused him of betraying the Americans who gave their lives to make Iraq independent and free…The only way to reverse this dangerous trend is for Republicans to renew their role as guardians of the nation’s security, to educate the electorate about the threat posed by Islamic supremacists, and to challenge the Democrats’ seditious efforts to appease their malign agendas. It is also the Republicans’ only path to an electoral majority. (p. 37-38).

On how Progressives view their strategy:

Progressives do not openly call for the creation of a totalitarian state, but that is the logic of their desire: to compel people to do what is good for them, down to the last Big Gulp. Lenin and the Bolsheviks did not set out to create a gulag state that would execute millions and crush human liberty… If you believe that the cause of human suffering is ‘society,’ and if you believe that by fundamentally transforming society you can change human nature and end human suffering and need, what means will you deny yourself, what opposition will you not suppress, to see that the transformation takes place? Because progressives see themselves as social redeemers and their goal as saving the world, they regard politics as a religious war… it is why the politics of personal destruction is their politics of choice and why they can commit character assassinations without regrets. Obama never apologized for accusing his opponent of killing a cancer patient during the election campaign, because saving humanity means never having to say you’re sorry. (p. 44)

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